4 Students + 1 Senior Programmer x 3 months = 1 Minimum Viable Product


If you are in your final year and love to code, drop us a note and want to join in this awesome program just drop us a note and we shall see what we can do. Space is seriously limited so do what you gotta do - we will select the most awesome of the awesome.

This is a 1-month full-time course at our facility followed by 2 months of online-learning.

I Want In!


If you are a lecturer and think there are some pretty amazing students in your class that would be that more amazing if they had a chance to join our completely free training program, you should forward this flyer to them and ask them to apply.

How Do I Get Involved?


Everyone's got ideas, and if you can prove to us the market wants them drop us a line and we will take it under consideration. We are looking for early stage ideas.

Remember - don't pitch an idea to us, pitch a product that people want.

I Want an MVP


The focus for this training session will be how to use ruby on rails to build web applications. Most of the learnings will be based on the rails tutorial by Michael Hartl


Learn how to learn, how to apply creative thinking to solve problems and most importantly how to communicate all these awesome skills to other people.


The MVP will be created in an Agile manner, so participants will learn how to participate in scrums, standing meetings and other collaborative methodologies such as pair programming.